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Mature Escorts Sex Drive: How Do Men and Women Compare?

A common stereotype has been that men want sex more than women. People have believed that a woman will only want sex if there are scented candles and the partner has played his role. Well, this may be true, but does it mean that sex drive is stronger in men?

Well, research has shown that sex drive is stronger in men than in women. Perhaps this explains why there are more men booking mature escorts than women. What’s more, the explanation for stronger sex drive in men can be straightforward. The sources of libidos for women are not easy to pin down when compared to those of men.

Sex Drive, Emotions and Environment

It’s conventionally accepted that women emphasize emotional connection when it comes to sexual desire. However, women are influenced by cultural and social factors too. In women, sexual desire is sensitive to the context and environment.

Men Think About Sex More

Sex thoughts cross the minds of adult men aged below 60 years at least once every day. On the contrary, only a quarter of adult women think about sex frequently. Perhaps, this is another explanation why female companions are booked more than male companions. Both men and women fantasize less as they age. However, men keep fantasizing about sex twice as women.

Men Crave for Sex More Often

When starting a relationship, men want to have sex with their partners more often. When gay men are compared to lesbians, the results are the same. Gay men tend to have more sex than lesbians. What’s more, men want to have more sex partners during their lifetime. They are also interested in having casual sex.

Women Have More Complex Sexual Turn-ons than Men

Ask a woman what turns her on and you will be surprised to learn that she might as well not know. A man can for instance be turned on by the photo or video of a beautiful adult entertainer. A gay man can be turned on by a video of sex between a man and a man. Women on the other hand can be turned on by people of the same sex having sex or a male-female sex video.

Sex Drives in Women are Influenced by Cultural and Social Factors

The attitude of women towards some sexual practices can easily change over time, which is not the case for men. Women that attend church more often are unlikely to be permissive about some sex practices. Men on the other hand don’t show connection between sex attitude and church attendance.

Men have a stronger sex drive than women due to their straightforward nature when it comes to sex matters. A man can easily identify the mature escorts las vegasto book while a woman can take a relatively longer time to decide. Nevertheless, studies on this topic are still going on.


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