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Tips for The Art of Sex Magic and Manifesting

Here are more factors that you should also focus on:

Energy of the Moon

The moon is among the most powerful forces with great mystic. Using it can go a long way towards firing up your sexual experiences. The best way to use the moon is to make love under a new moon or full moon.


Elements like the earth, fire, air and water are great for boosting sexual experience. Their incorporation in sex life brings an outstanding magic. There are many ways to use these elements. An example is to have sex beside a fire, on bare earth or under the moonlight.


The womb of a woman is often associated with power, beauty and creativity. This makes the menstrual blood of a woman a unique sex magic. Making love to a woman during her periods is considered an honor. In fact, practicing sex magic when a woman is experiencing her periods is an all-time favorite for some men.

Tips for Amazing Sex Magic and Manifesting

While the art of sex magic and manifesting may seem easier to some people, there are conditions that you must set to enjoy the experience. For instance, create a sacred space that allows you and your partner to discreetly cherish each other without distractions.

Proper and conscious breathing is also important when it comes to sex magic and manifesting. Also set clear intentions on what you aim to achieve with sex magic. While in the act, let your sexual and orgasmic energy flow freely. After the experience, don’t forget to acknowledge how you feel and embrace your revelations. Talk about it with your partner and ways of making it better in the future.

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