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What is a Regional Recruitment Plan?

RRB NTPC Merit List now for the Regionwise CEN 01/2021. The Regional Recruitment Board has decided to launch a new advertising strategy for the next five years on the back of the Thru-Web survey results and an analysis of what the market needs. The result of these findings will be reflected in the new RRB NTPC Merit List. The new list will be a reflection of where our current strengths and weaknesses lie in attracting the best talent from outside the organization’s.

In the first phase, the organization’s has identified and prioritised its current strengths and gaps in recruitment for the future. In this stage, the identified areas are being prioritized in the current talent management process. This is done by reviewing the current skills needs across all functions (human resource, production, finance, sales and marketing) against each geographic location. Cross functional and trans-function alignments are also identified with a view to reducing the gap between regions. This is being done by creating a framework of operational roles and responsibilities that are shared across the organization’s currently operating in each region. The role that is most relevant to the organization’s future work force is being identified and moved forward in the regional strategic plan framework.

The second stage focuses on the processes that are currently being used in recruiting. It identifies both the process efficiencies that are in place and also those that are not working as effectively as they could. Where efficiencies are identified, steps to improve them are recommended. This may mean a combination of formal and informal feedback mechanisms and reviews. Steps to introduce improvements are then identified in the third phase. Again, this may involve informal or formal feedback mechanisms such as questionnaires and interviews.

The fourth and final stage identifies the skills gaps that exist across each of the organization’s regions. It is important to point out that these gaps are likely to be present even when the organization has adopted an effective recruitment process. These gaps in the future need to be identified, worked on and resolved as part of the overall Regional Plan process. Again, the fifth and final RRB NTPC assessment report will address these in detail.

The fifth stage is primarily a review of the organization’s activities and strategies to achieve future growth. It identifies the current activities being conducted in recruiting activities for each function and skill set. This is done by listing each activity in order of priority and then providing a description of the activity and its expected impact on future staffing needs. The sixth and final stage of the RRB NTPC Merit List involves a comparison of the listed activities against the organizations own future needs in terms of both staff numbers and skills.

In the final analysis, the business case is then completed. The business case then identifies the organization’s short, medium and long-term plans and their associated costs. An effective planning strategy is then generated to address any issues that may arise over the period ahead. Finally, an action plan is generated that identifies key roles and responsibilities of all organizations in relation to the management of their Regional Recruitment Plan (RRB). The report of the RRB assessment also provides organizations with the opportunity to make further improvements to their recruiting process as well as identify any additional skills or knowledge gaps that require to be addressed in the future.

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